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April 2022 Meetup.HEIC

coffee and conversation.

Meet-Ups: On Hold

The Little Theatre will no longer be screening the Royal Opera House productions, so for the moment our 2022-2023 meet-ups are unscheduled. We are looking for new opportunities to bring together opera fans for a chance to meet one another and have a friendly chat.

Meet-ups are informal gatherings following screenings of opera productions at a local theatre. The Guild typically reserves approximately 90 minutes after the show so that opera film goers can meet for coffee and conversation afterwards. (Even if you don’t go to the film, you’re still welcome to join us!).

We’ll have light refreshments on hand for all.

Coffee and tasty treats accompanied a lively opera discussion at a recent meetup.

Coffee & Conversation

Royal Opera House

(At left) Simona Mihai sings Musetta's famous waltz from Puccini's La Bohème.

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