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We thank our generous donors from the Rochester area and beyond, who help Opera Guild of Rochester sustain its mission of making the remarkable artistic form of opera accessible to all who want to learn and enjoy.


Please consider making a gift so that we may continue to improve our highly rated e-newsletter, Viva Voce, continue our community events including lectures, Beat the Blahs and Bravo Nights and our sponsorships of regional operatic productions including Finger Lakes Opera, Pegasus early music, and Fringe Festival events.

Thank You to Our Supporters

June, 2021 - May, 2022

Our Donors

Peter and Elizabeth Affolter

Francis H. Allenza

Michael Amoreses

Art Axelrod

Gloria Baciewicz

Caroline T. Bailey

Cindy & Andrew Battisti

Martha Blair

Mary Bonaccio & Bob Green

Lillian and Ezio Bonanni

Agneta Borgstedt

Vincent & Gail Bosso

Judith V. Boyd

Eileen Buholtz

Jane Capellupo

John Casella

Kathleen Cloonan

Dan Cole

Dr. John J. Condemi

* Warren Crandell

Carol Crocca

Christopher Dahl

Joan Dalberth

Margaret and Peter Dundas

Peter Elliott

Marcia Elwitt

Evelyn Exman

Constance Fee

Loretta Friedman

Joseph and Patricia Galante

Jenny Lloyd & Connie Gates

* Otto Muller-Girard

Rob W. Goodling

The Suzanne Gouvernet Arts Fund

Marge Grinols

Raymond A Grosswirth

George and Waltraud Havens

Warren H Heilbronner

Jack Hicks

Dorothy M Howland

Rebecca Wrenn Jones

Marcella J. Klein

Rose-Marie Klipstein

Hy Kreitzman

H. Darrell Lance

Margaret Lausin

John P. Leddy

Rose Levin

Audrey S. Liao

Elizabeth Long

Swaminathan Madhu

Joseph Mancini

Rose Mancini

Drs. Arnold & Margaret Matlin

George McVey

Jill & Sanford Miller

James and Mary Musler

John Parker

Paul E. Petersen

Saul Presberg

Marion Robinson

Werner Schenk

Jon and Katherine Schumacher

David Sharkey

Helga Strasser

Eric Townell

Egils and Rasma Veverbrants

Julian Pierce Webb

Christine Wickert

John C. Williams

Bernard Winterman

Rowena Zemel

* Deceased

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Special Thanks

Special thanks to The Little.
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Special thanks to Little Cafe.
Special thanks to WXXI.
Special thanks to Fairport Public Library.
Brighton Memorial Library
Aaron Winters Photography

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